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Upcoming Windows 11 Feature Targets Unwanted Pre-installed Apps — Here’s the Scoop

The newest Windows 11 update might just be a game-changer for those who dislike unnecessary pre-installed software. While Windows 11 comes with a plethora of handy apps, there are undoubtedly a few that users might rarely touch. While some of these can be removed, a handful persist. However, things are set to change. Microsoft recently […]

Android’s Nearby Share Is Gearing Up for a Faster Update

Recent enhancements to Android’s Nearby Share are making it more akin to Apple’s AirDrop, offering a swift and seamless sharing experience. An imminent update promises to further refine this process, potentially making file transfers to specific gadgets even faster. This fresh insight comes courtesy of Mishaal Rahman, who has previously highlighted several modifications to Nearby […]

Windows 11 Bolsters Defenses Against Phishing Threats: A Closer Look

The repercussions of succumbing to a phishing scam are dire, especially if hackers access your Windows password and gain control over your PC. Recognizing this risk, Microsoft has introduced an upgraded phishing shield for Windows 11 users. BleepingComputer highlights Microsoft’s initiative to boost its Enhanced Phishing Protection in Windows 11. This upgrade notifies users if […]

Google Chrome Boosts Security Measures Against Hackers: Key Details Explained

Google Chrome is amplifying its defense against potential cyber threats. The tech giant recently announced adjustments to the security update pattern of its Chrome browser, aiming to fortify user protection. Typically, Google rolls out a major Chrome version each month, accompanied by intermittent security updates. The previous routine was a security update every two weeks. […]

Anticipation Builds for Android 14 As Beta 5 Update Rolls Out

The countdown to Android 14’s stable release is on, with Google hinting that its debut is mere “weeks away.” While the exact release date remains undisclosed, it’s worth noting that its predecessor, Android 13, launched on August 15 the previous year. So, we might be closer to D-Day than anticipated. Meanwhile, Google is making the […]

Google Search Bolsters Its Capabilities With 3 Major AI Enhancements

Google Search has always been at the forefront of technological advancements, and now it’s set to push the envelope even further. According to a recent report from Tom’s Guide, Google is integrating three significant AI upgrades into its search engine. Here’s a quick overview of what users can expect: 1. MUM – The Answer to […]

Microsoft Edge sets the benchmark with Enhanced Security Mode

Microsoft has unveiled a new optional security feature for its Edge browser, aiming to provide tighter security measures for users accessing unknown sites. The “Enhanced security mode” bolsters defense against memory-linked vulnerabilities by deactivating the just-in-time (JIT) JavaScript compilation. Simultaneously, it launches extra OS-based browser protections, like the arbitrary code guard and hardware-backed stack protection, […]

FBI Alerts Public to Beware of New Hacker Tactic Involving Beta Apps

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Cybercriminals are exploiting beta app versions to access your funds. In the ongoing battle against cyber threats, hackers persistently devise innovative ways to infiltrate smartphones, ranging from manipulating genuine app stores to deceiving users into downloading unverified apps. Recognizing this growing threat, the FBI has recently shed light on a concerning method employed by hackers. […]